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Abrash Peace Rug
Abrash Peace Rug
From 129.99 | more details...
Art Twist Cream 178
Art Twist Cream 178
From 79.99 | more details...
Metro Leaf Rug
Metro Leaf Rug
From 160.50 | more details...
Shaggy Terracotta Rug
Shaggy Terracotta Rug
From 104.99 | more details...

Why Rug Shop (S R Carpets)?

Create the difference with Rug Shop! Whether you're looking for contemporary rugs, that fits with your decor or traditional rugs for your room Rug Shop is your one stop online rug shop for all things classic and eye catching. We offer wide range of rugs. Our rugs are all of the high quality and many lines feature designer or unique pieces that you just won't see again. From cowhides to shaggy rugs, modern to wool rugs, good options in Indian rugs and Chinese rugs, we have everything you need to choose the perfect rug or rugs for your home. So just browse around and buy rugs online.

Modern designer rugs & Contemporary rugs

A rug is a wonderful way to add colour, luxury and value to your home. Modern designer rugs are very searched after products among rugs these days because of the pinch of distinct flavour they add to your room and make it jazzier & happening. Check what we have for you in modern rugs.

Contemporary rugs are not much behind; choosing contemporary rugs for your home is a matter of taste. Generally, contemporary rugs have bright colours, bold patterns and are made of easy-care materials like olefin, polypropylene, wool or cotton. Check contemporary rugs designs to choose best for your room.

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs may be hand-made or machine-made. Just because you want an authentic beautiful Oriental or Persian rug does not mean you have to cut a deep hole in your pocket. You can find traditional carpets. Typical traditional motifs for rugs include paisley designs, flower or tree motifs, animal print designs, fish designs, geometrical figures, tribal designs, stripes, spirals, historic monuments etc

Wool rugs

Wool has been a valuable commodity for most of modern man's history, and sometimes it's better to go with the long reliable over the new and trendy. One of the characteristics of wool rugs is that it readily absorbs and gives off moisture. It also absorbs sound which make the place where it is being put on become a great way to relax because of its solace mood. A nice thing to happen to your study room especially check wool rugs.

Shaggy rugs

The shaggy rugs are very plush rugs that bring a great deal of comfort and coziness to a room. They are quite soft, but they are also very durable, able to stand the test of time, this means that your purchase of shaggy rugs will be a lasting fashion asset. These rugs are also easy to clean, and tend to be hand-made.

Plain rugs

Plain is simple and works everywhere. Plain rugs can be bought in a variety of materials from some of the best natural fibres such as wool or from synthetic material such as acrylic. Whatever the decor is in your home, finding the right rug should not be too difficult. Rug shop has got a solution for you check our range of plain rugs. All kind of large rugs are also available.

The world of rugs not end here there are lots more categories and you can check them left side menu. We ensures that you should not fall short of options while you buy rugs online with us, in fact our full range includes different coloured rugs brown rugs, black and white rugs. To serve you best we source our rugs from all popular countries and maintain good stock of Indian rugs, Chinese rugs.

We promise you a happy rug experience.